Why you Need to Own 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class?

Why you Need to Own 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class?

Planning to buy a luxury sedan in 2021?

Numerous options lie in front of you when deciding which luxury sedan you can buy. However, when talking about luxury sedans, the first name that pops into people’s head is 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class. It is one of the best vehicles in the luxury sedan category and several reasons answers why you should own this particular model!

Before rushing to Mercedes Benz dealership Montreal, understand why this particular model of Mercedes is the car to own.

Bodywork and interior

One of the first reasons as to why you need to have this vehicle, points to the simple aspect of S-Class, which is remarkable craftsmanship behind its beautifully sculpted exterior and interior work.

The exterior comes with a classic elegant style of design with a big front-grille, while the logo of Mercedes sits at the top of the car’s bonnet. With a quality and sleek finished paintjob and outstanding headlights, alloy wheels, and more; ensures that when driving this, every passerby will be gawking at it with admire.

Apart from exterior, another essential aspect of buying a luxury vehicle is to have an interior that will not just be aesthetically pleasing and impressive, but also provide comfort and have a quality finish that makes one feel proud of owning that vehicle. Mercedes Benz S-Class ensures that people who purchase this vehicle is beyond satisfied with the luxurious aspect of this vehicle.

Prioritizing displays is the new interior design’s concept of 2021 S-Class. Five touchscreen is placed throughout cabin including a massive display for accessing the car’s intuitive infotainment system. Navigation is available in augmented reality and the entire cabin is built upscale furnishing that is worth being in S-Class.

Also, there is ample space to enjoy comfortable ride in this luxury vehicle. Another feature that needs mentioning is its leather upholstery is supreme and is better than any rival car in this category.

Smooth and powerful powertrain

One of the features of a luxury vehicle is to have powerful yet smooth powertrain that offers quick acceleration but also provides high-quality ride. Mercedes Benz S-Class does exactly that with its inline six-cylinder 3L turbocharged engine that generates 429 horsepower or the 4L V8 with twin turbo function that produces 496 horsepower.

Also, both systems are accompanied by EQ Boost hybrid system (48-volt) and automatic 9-speed to have the smoothest riding experience. Precise handling, supreme suspension system, and more helps in having the most comfortable and luxurious ride that one can imagine. If you want to get more details on the luxurious and comfortable aspect visit Montreal Mercedes Benz dealership.

How much to pay for one?

4 variants are available for S-Class; these are S500 sedan that is priced at $110,850, S580 sedan costing $117,350, S560 Cabriolet and S560 Coupe, both of which costs $132,450. If you are buying a luxury vehicle it is always recommended to splurge more and is the reason most people opt for the Cabriolet or Coupe version. However, if you are going for the sedan choice, then S580 is the model you should purchase.

Thus, now you understand why you need 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class!