Van Suspension Systems

Van Suspension Systems

Guide To Van Suspension Systems

When it comes to van suspension, there are many different types currently in use. Van suspension is designed to be highly robust and it typically carries much heavier loads compared to other types of vehicles. Below we’ll cover the different types of suspension systems that cans in the UK typically use.

UK Van Suspension Systems

There are many different types of van suspension systems currently in use in the UK and it’s down to the manufacturer on which type they choose to use. Each type of van suspension will have it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

Leaf Springs

Leaf springs are one of the most common types of van suspension and they are still used on vehicles to this day. The leaf spring is one large arched spring which helps with the weight and load balancing of the vehicle. Leaf springs can easily be repaired or replaced if they break.

Multi Link Suspension Systems

Multi link suspension systems are one of the most advanced but most expensive types of systems available. They tend to be used on more high end vans and commercial vehicles. The complex system comprises of springs and lateral arms which essentially creates the suspension system.

Independent Front Van Suspension

Independent front van suspension is a type of suspension that solely supports the front end and wheels at the front of the van. The type of suspension allows the front axle and wheels to move up and down and this is completely independent to that at the rear of the vehicle.

Independent Rear Van Suspension

Similar to the front suspension, independent rear van suspension takes control of the rear end and wheels at the back of the vehicle. Independent rear suspension helps the back axle to control the suspension and the control of the back wheels. This moves independently to the front end, but the two do work together to ensure the vehicle moves smoothly.

Air Suspension

Air suspension is a much more advanced type of suspension system, as it uses air springs, alongside compressors that then work with electrical systems that help with self-levelling. Air suspension is still used on vans, however more luxury vehicles and sports cars are now using the system, as it is much more practical.