Types of Motor Oils: Which is Best for Your Diesel Engine?


Truck owners want to ensure their trucks look their best and perform optimally. With varying preferences, some make modifications to fit their driving needs. While some owners modify their vehicle’s exterior, others make internal upgrades to boost their truck’s performance.

These updates can range from installing truck lifts, changing fenders, engine upgrades, and many more. Sometimes, truck owners end up modifying their vehicles until they are unrecognizable from how they came out from the manufacturer.

Upgrading Cummins OEM parts can make a huge difference when taking the truck out on the open road or on rugged terrain.

While these major upgrades can maximize a truck’s potentials, maintenance routines on diesel performance parts that boost your truck’s capacity, play an equal role in maximizing utility. Maintenance checks may seem insignificant for some, but applying these steps for vehicle care impacts the truck’s health significantly.

One of the essential maintenance tasks is changing oils as it influences the vehicle’s integrity. Engines have a certain mileage count between change intervals, and truck owners must ensure to get clean fuel running in the mechanism.

Engine oils make the difference in a truck’s operational application as some provide better motor protection and increased efficiency. Having clean fluid for the vehicle prevents unwanted grime buildup and enhances lubrication to hamper friction.

Getting the right kind of oil suited for the truck is vital in vehicle maintenance. Not all types of fuel work the same, so it is best to get the one that will yield the best results while being cost-effective.

Vehicle owners need to weigh several factors, such as price range, driving conditions, service life, and the significant criteria for selecting motor fluid. If it is time to get an oil change, below is an infographic for the types of motor oils for a diesel engine.