Top 5 Tips to maximise mileage capacity in your bike

Top 5 Tips to maximise mileage capacity in your bike

When it comes to the motorcycle, you may think it is a cost- effective investment but the true factor is it is not cost effective until to give good mileage.Today, increasing the mileage for your bike is not an easy task but still you can do it by following some important factors. The bike mileage will be varied based on various factors such as surface condition, traffic, scooty price, the rider and etc. However, every condition is not in your hand to control buy you can able change the way you drive. Continue reading to know about the tips to increasing mileage efficiency for your bike.

  1. A Steady Drive

When it comes to the bike driving, or riding constant driving and controlled or optimal speed is very important factor to achieve high mileage. A rash ride and abrupt acceleration might reduce the mileage of your bike because accelerating hard consumes a lot fuel so you will get poor mileage. Maintaining a consistent average speed with minimal braking will lead to higher mileage. Therefore, maintain the normal speed, avoid rash riding and choose the best mileage scooter in India to increase the mileage.

  1. Switch off the engine

Another important factor is you should turn off the two-wheeler when you are waiting at a long signal or a train crossing to get high mileage. However, you need to do this when you are waiting for more than minutes and don’t do it for less than a minute because standstill consumes lesser fuel than an engine start-up. So, if you have to wait longer time, then turning the engine off will save fuel.Therefore, understand the factor properly and apply it while you driving.

  1. Maintain optimal air pressure

If you want to maintain or to increase the mileage level air pressure in the motorcycle’s tyres must be checked frequently. So, it should be maintained at manufacturer-recommended levels, to obtain the best fuel economy. Low tyre pressure will decrease the mileage so maintain optimal air pressure in the motorcycle’s tyres. However, an optimal pressure may bring an increase in the mileage.

  1. Turn to the Highest Gear

It is very beneficial to shift to a higher gear as soon as possible while you driving. This reduces the engine speed and helps to maintain the same road speed. Therefore, you can improve the mileage of your motorcycle by following this way and choosing best mileage scooter in India.

  1. Good Quality Fuel

It is important to ensure that you fill the fuel tank with good quality fuel. Therefore, choose the right petrol pump which gives good quality petrol, and try to avail the same type of petrol from them every time. Good quality petrol keeps the engine in good condition and increases the fuel economy. To get better fuel economy and achieve a higher mileage meticulous care for your bike is very important. Therefore, avoid traffic, keep your engine clean and park in the shadow helps to a higher mileage.

Bottom line

Therefore, you might have gone so make use of it andfollow the things to increase the mileage of your bike.