Tips for maintaining bike during monsoon

Tips for maintaining bike during monsoon

Monsoon is one of the most awaited seasons. No matter how dirty the roads get during the season, mainly in the metropolitan cities, people across the country eagerly wait for the rains. Rains being vital for plenty of reasons considered a boon by all. If it is to ride in the rains, your bike must be ready to take on that entire downpour for the next few months. Doubtful and slippery road conditions do not just test the rider’s capability but also measures the vehicle’s power to handle the weather. The splendor bikes are best during monsoon season. Check out super splendor review for further details about monsoon bikes and how to protect them.  Here are seven tips that will help you to maintain you’re during the monsoon.

Park in covered areas

Rains can damage your bike. Try to park your bike in a parking space which is covered, such as a shed because the splendor plus i3s price is higher. This will protect the electrical parts as well as the fibre body and minimize long-term damage. Your bike should properly be covered at the time of the monsoon season, and this will ensure that the bike gives the best at all time. In case your bike is made of metals and there is an absence of the coating, make sure you get it done before the monsoon season starts. Wear a bike cover for your bike in monsoon seasons.

Apply an anti-rusting layer

Rust is the worst enemy for any bike. You can get any local motoring to do this for you. Having a good braking system is the most important thing on your bike. Riding on really wet roads is a nightmare and gods forbid something should happen. It’s difficult to control bikes during a heavy downpour and applying sudden brakes can be dangerous. During monsoon seasons, clean your bike discs, the inside of your drum brakes and liners. The bikes which have discs problems need to be regularly checked to avoid disc damages.

Check/replace tires

Worn tires are a major safety disaster during monsoon. Ensure that your tires have a deep tread across the centre and all sides. The tread should be at least 2-3 mm deep; anything less than that and you may need to change the tires. Additionally, check your tire pressure regularly. It is suggested to keep it a point or two below the ideal pressure for safe riding during the monsoon.

Ensure full servicing

A full bike servicing is advised for proper two-wheeler conservation. This includes engine oil and brake oil change, ensuring your headlight is not broken or prone to water excretion. Clean the chain and apply oil before the monsoon season starts.

Wear a helmet

Along with bike maintenance, the rainy season is also time to be aware of self-preservation. While wearing a helmet is disapproving at all times, it is even more important during the monsoons. Wear a protective helmet every time you ride your bike.

The final thoughts

If you are looking to remodel your bike, it would be a good idea to do so before the monsoon starts so you can enjoy a safe ride all the time. You must take care of your vehicle at all times regardless of what season it is. Also, if your bike is maintained properly, you will be able to avoid accidents. Ensure you follow the traffic rules at all times and ride without losing focus, to protect yourself as well as the bike.