These Hollywood Celebrities are Proud Car Collectors

These Hollywood Celebrities are Proud Car Collectors

When Hollywood celebrities earn millions of dollars just from a single appearance, you can pretty much expect them to crave a few vices they can spend them on. 

This is why it isn’t really a surprise that some celebrities love spending their hard-earned cash on cars, taking pride in their enviable car collections. 

From limited-edition cars to the one-of-a-kind models, Hollywood car aficionados are always keeping an eye out for these vehicles.

One good example of these celebrities is David Hasselhoff who recently auctioned his Knight Rider replica car for $300,000. It only goes to show that luxury cars and Hollywood celebrities go together, a unique combination of enthusiasm, style, and exclusivity.

So, without any delay, let’s look at the three enviable Hollywood celebrities who are crazy about luxury cars, and have amazing car collections to back up and showcase their passions.

Rowan Atkinson

Every time you think of cars and hear the name Rowan Atkinson, you might be instantly reminded of the iconic citron-green Leyland Mini 1000 Mark IV of his Mr. Bean which he made popular all over the world.

But Atkinson actually has an exquisite taste for cars, spoiling himself in classy cars including the Aston Martin V8 Zagato and the Bentley Birkin Mulsanne. Aside from these, Atkinson is not only a proud car collector because he also loves to race and sometimes crash his valued cars.

Jerry Seinfeld

Everyone knows how much Seinfeld loves cars and coffee and enjoys his coffee in cars together with his fellow comedians. Seinfeld is no doubt a certified car aficionado and a rare Porsche is probably his most beloved car out of his entire collection. 

Even though Seinfeld only has around 80 cars, his small collection is as valuable as that of Leno’s, which will be discussed below. Some notable cars in Seinfeld’s collections include the 1949 Porsche 356/2 Gmünd, the 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder, and the 2000 Porsche Carrera GT Prototype.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno has one of the most famed car collections in the whole world, mostly because of his show Jay Leno’s Garage which basically gives his viewers a glimpse of his prized cars. Leno, a famous late-night talk show host, has around 300 cars and bikes, with his entire collection valued at approximately $50 million.

Several of his cars are extraordinarily unique including the 2006 EcoJet which is an exceptional car developed in his garage as well as the Duesenberg Model X, which is one of the only five units in the world. In addition, Leno also has a 1906 Stanley Steamer, another unique car made out of wood and powered by steam.

If you are just like these three celebrities, chances are you also dream of driving one of these exotic cars. The good news is that with Hollywood sports car rental, you can finally turn your dreams into reality with no need for you to spend millions of dollars just to experience the thrill that these proud celebrity car collectors feel every time they sit behind the wheel of their prized vehicles.