Steps Every Auto Body Repair Shop Must Follow

Steps Every Auto Body Repair Shop Must Follow

Auto body shops are repair centers for the vehicles that offer every kind of services to the automotive body parts. Saying that we are specifically pointing out at the ‘body’ that is not to be confused with any of the mechanisms, that help run the vehicle. In other words these auto body shops are thee to repair only the physical elements of the exterior and interior of a vehicle.

But even for these kinds of repair, the auto body shops need to follow a protocol of services, that must involve certain specific steps in order to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We collected this information from the Coeur D’Alene auto body repair shop, which is highly popular among the local customers.

According to them, their shop implements the following rules meticulously for each and every customer, irrespective of the type of repair work they assign them for.

Pre-Repair Car Health Scan

The first step with which they start the repair work, is a comprehensive health check up for the said car or licensed taxi, scanning in detail all its physical condition, from the front to the tail end, and both inside and out. It is done even before they furnish the estimate for the repair work the car will need.

Prepare an Overall Estimate for the Entire Structural Repair Procedures

After the health scan of the car body, the auto body shop is supposed to list down all the structural repair work they find necessary for the car. this list should also include a detailed mention of step by step procedures that will be executed to complete the repair work.

Follow the Same Repair Procedures

A reliable auto body shop will be the one that keeps up to its promises. Once an estimate is handed over to the car owner regarding the work procedure and the cost of it, it must not change even to the minutest level, without informing the car owner. The same repair procedures must be followed as mentioned in the estimate, and in case of any modification, the car owner must be intimidated in writing. The changes should be applicable only if the car owner agreed to the proposal, and not otherwise.

Welding and Protection Against Corrosion

The reputation of an auto body shop depends on how much goodwill it can earn from every individual customer. And this can be achieved only when the shop works in favor of the customer and not only for their small business interests. So, while repairing the damages of a car, the shop must ensure good quality welding that will not break at slightest provocation. At the same time they must provide a strong layer of protection against any probability of corrosion.

Spotless Finishing

The owner of the auto body repair Coeur D’Alene depicted that it should be the aim of every auto body repair shop to handover a repaired car with a look that is as good as new. The finishing of its repair and paint job is ought to be spotless and long lasting.

In order to build up a strong provider-customer relationship, they must see that the customer doesn’t return to their shop with a heartful of dissatisfaction.