Servicing that are Done During Changing the Engine Oil

Servicing that are Done During Changing the Engine Oil

When you take your car for changing its motor oil to a reputed auto repairing center, there you will be suggested to get a couple of servicing done along as well. It might cross your mind that they are suggesting all this since the shop is trying to increase the total bill amount, it is not the real fact. On the contrary they are actually trying to save you a few bucks and optimize the result of oil changing by all means.

We got this insight when a known source who work at the North Houston oil change service center showed us the following:

Process of Investigation

You have taken your car for a mere oil changing session, and the staff there are suggesting you to get a thorough investigation done. If that sounds too irrelevant, then you are walking on the wrong side of the road.

Know that when it is time to change the engine oil, it is also time for maintaining all the other related compartments as well, since your car has traveled substantial amount of kilometers which is enough to worn out many of the car components.

So it makes full sense when the auto repair center suggests you get your car fully investigated to know that everything is just fine. But at the time of investigation of they find some parts that are worn out and in need of a replacement, it will save you a lot of money and trouble, since you are already there in advance to address the issue, before it is too late.

Replacing the Filters

In an oil changing session, you are most likely to be suggested that you change the oil and other filters as well. The reason is not difficult to understand. Your car needs an oil change because it is the filters that couldn’t keep the oil fresh and clean any more. So unless you change the filters as well, there will be no use changing the engine oil, as the old filters will not work the same effective way. So even the new engine oil will get contaminated soon.

At the same time, the auto experts will also ask you to replace the filters of the transmission, air conditioning and the cabin, since it is the same time limit and the measure of traveling distance your car has traveled that spoiled the engine filter. So it is most likely that all these filters got spoilt as well.

Servicing the Wheels and the Tires

At the center of oil change service in North Houston, the mechanical team that attended our car explained that during an oil changing session it is necessary to go through the servicing of the wheels. It will include the pressure checking, inflating and rotating the tires and wheel alignment. So that in a single visit to the auto repair center can be optimized, the shop owner of the auto experts there will suggest you to undergo all these servicing as well.