Kinds of Repair and Servicing that Automatic Transmissions Need

Kinds of Repair and Servicing that Automatic Transmissions Need

Among all the recent advancements that the automotive industry has witnessed in the last few decades, one of the most significant was the innovationand application of automatic transmissions. It has been widely successful around the globe to such an extent that cars with manual transmissions are now rare to be found.

The reason behind this huge success and popularity of the automatic transmission is that not only it has eased out the driving pattern but has also reduced the probability of driving it wrong, since the gear shifts have become automatic. But one more reason why the automatic transmissions have almost replaced the manual ones is because they need very less repair or replacement, reported the Barstow auto repair staff members.

But they added to the conversation that, though less in numbers or frequency, even automatic transmissions can go out of order, and finally need to be repaired or replaced. And when they do, the repair work becomes far more expensive than that of a manual transmission.

How Automatic Transmissions Work

The automatic transmissions are one of the most complex mechanisms in all the kinds of transmissions that are used in vehicles so far. Its mechanical components are the most complicated ones that combine to make a car move smoothly.

To work the way it is supposed to, an automatic transmission muchlike the manual ones need to be filled with a specific kind of fluid. And then that fluid needs to maintained at quantity reaching a particular level. The fluid used in an automatic transmission will have multi-functional abilities. Right from transmitting the engine power to the respective wheels to changing the gearsas per the road conditions, the fluid helps in every action the transmission needs to take.

The automatic transmissions are based on hydraulic systems where lubricating the parts plays a very important role. It is because the fluid used in the automatic transmission also helps in keeping the seals of the components softer while at times it also acts like a coolant, when the compartment gets overheated.

Hence to make sure that the fluid in the transmission is doing fine, it is necessary to maintain its quantity level and if the manufacturer recommends a flush at a particular time it should invariably be done.

Kinds of Damage that can Occur

Though the automatic transmission fluids are formulated precisely to work for a lifetime, it can fail at times if they get overly contaminated or lacks in the quantity. It can also get damaged, if not filled with the recommended type. This failure often affects the quality of the gear shifts, making the ride harsh and bumpy. Moreover, a damaged automatic transmission can also reduce the overall lifespan of the car mechanisms as well.

The only way to avoid a damage in the automatic transmission is to make sure to choose the exact product variant recommended by the manufacturer in your owner’s manual, explained the mechanics of the center of auto repair near Barstow.