Irresistible Characteristics of the 2020 Genesis G70 Model Series

Irresistible Characteristics of the 2020 Genesis G70 Model Series

With the release of the 2020 edition of theG70 series, the brandGenesis couldsecure an even higher rank in its own segment of thepremium small luxury cars. The reasons behind its steady growth in popularity was the newfoundpowerful engine options that automatically increased the overall strength of the lineup. The driving dynamics assigned to the powertrains of the 2020 Genesis G70 sedans that work under the hood could be seen reflected on its handlingprowess that it has achieved.Famous dealership showrooms like the Richmond Genesis now are boastful of this sedan series that has made their sales counters busy since the time they could flaunt these beautiful luxury sedans.

Best Selling Attributes

The 2020 Genesis G70 models have many attributes to boast about. But what brought it real business are, the state-of-the-art exterior design, that cages in a classy interior, unlimited drive fun because of its lively and responsive handling, that can be credited solely to itssmooth powertrain options. But there is also another reason why the prospective buyers preferred the 2020 Genesis G70models more than its rival models, is the stellar feature packaging that is offered at a rate that is significantly lesser than what its competitors could offer till now.

What is Special About the 2020 Year Edition?

Stepping just the second year from its launch date, the 2020 edition of Genesis G70 models could already secure a stable and even growing market for itself. In the segment of small premium luxury car, the 2020 edition of Genesis G70 now has many new and pleasant surprises to offer its onlookers. The list includes the introduction of a new mid-range Sport trim model that comes equipped with a more subtle yet stronger braking system, while new pairs of all-season tires are on the options where people can pair the package with 19-inch wheels that are offered in the lineup an upgrading option.

Configurationsof the Powertrain

Among all the other appreciable factors, what makes the 2020 Genesis G70 models thrive in the market is its lucrative powertrain configurations. The 2020 year lineup of Genesis G70 sedans see the base model named as the 2.0T to be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine that can make up to 252 of horsepower after being mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. This count of horsepower can be increased to 255 if the engine is given a manual transmission to send its power to the rear wheels. The next higher power option is to engage a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V-6 engine under the hood that can brave 365 of ponies and a 376 lb-ft of torque.

Driving Mechanisms

Genesis redefines in car luxury mostly in terms of its ride quality, where the external disturbances get little chance to sneak-peak into its luxury couch. For this Genesis makes good use of the latest driving mechanisms that include pairs of high end adaptive dampers and limited slip differential. The suspension is taut enough to soak up the road imperfections increasing the ride firmness especially when things are not smooth below the wheels, shared a group of professional test drivers of the Genesis Richmond dealership showroom.