How to Prevent and Deal with Ugly Scratches on your Car

How to Prevent and Deal with Ugly Scratches on your Car

One fine morning you approach your car to start your day with a fresh mind, and you notice an ugly scratch on its body, without any clue how it all happened. We can guess well how unpleasant and upsetting you might be feeling.

But to spread the awareness among the new car users, we must mention here that these scratches aren’t only an unsightly scene on the beautiful finish of your car. They are also reasons of worry that the underlying metal beneath the paint will get unduly exposedto natural moisture and thereafter an untimely corrosion. When we asked an experienced mechanic who serves at our nearby collision center about how to stay away from such scratches, he suggested the following ways.

How to Prevent that from Happening

To prevent your car paint from the probabilities of scratches, you must follow few basic principles.

Careless Parking

Many times just while parking your car carelessly can cause the scratches not only on your car, but also on your neighboring car. It all starts with finding out the right space for parking. if there is a narrow space all you could find for your car, it is strongly recommended to avoid it, because by pulling your car next to another vehicle which is not lined up in the correct direction, it would be risky for both the cars, as both are most likely to brush against each other causing severe damages to the car paint.

It is also risky to park your vehicle at any place where the pedestrians can pass closer to your car. it could be any sharp objects they are carrying or the shopping carts that can brush against your car, causing a scratch to the paint.

Parking under a tree looks lucrative if it is a hot day outside. But remember, any time the tree branches can fall and cause a scratch.

Avoid Vulnerable Parking

Most number of cases where the car paint got scratched, are due to vulnerable parking. What is meant as vulnerable parking is, places that aren’t safe to park your vehicle. It could be the open space in front of your house, on the sides of other roads, or any place where there is no one to keep a watch.

Don’t place foreign objects on the car. If you want to protect the paint from scratches, never sit on your car or place an object on the hood or roof for convenience sake.

How to Deal with a Scratch

In spite of you taking all the above said precautionary measures, your car paint gets scratches, the best way to deal with it is taking an immediate action on it. Since the scratch can have lingering effects, it is necessary to hand it over to a skilled professional or a reliable auto body shop, so that all its ill effects can be neutralized, while your car looks as good as if nothing has happened.