How to Determine Car Shipping Cost?

How to Determine Car Shipping Cost?

Auto-shipping rates get calculated using different variables. Shipping rates can consistently fluctuate. There are no prices set for any route. When a quote gets requested the auto shipping companies offer an estimate. The major details the auto movers consider while calculating a quote is –

  • Vehicle specs
  • Routes
  • Total mileage
  • Current gas rates [the more miles needed on a usual route will cost less per mile]
  • Special needs like winch service to load and unload inoperable vehicles
  • Premium services including extra safety measures
  • Extra requests

Let’s know how Ship a Car, Inc calculates the car transport cost in detailFactors that will determine the cost are given below.

Client’s car type to be shipped

The more luxurious and high-end car means, higher the cost as their responsibility increases. If there is damage caused to the freight, the auto mover has to pay more for making things right. Classic and custom cars cost more. Even the size and weight of the vehicle to be shipped gets considered. Shipping an oversized vehicle along a route tends to cost more, than a standard vehicle on the same route. A standard car means standard rate.

Vehicle condition

An inoperable car means there will a need to use a winch. All the trucks and drivers don’t have a winch. Even labor will get charged for the winch service. The use of labor, and expensive equipment increases the cost.

Pickup & final destination

The farther the final destination from the pickup point, the higher the cost. It is because long-distance deliveries need more gas and even the drivers need to get paid for long hours. Considering the kilometer roughly from point A to B gives you an estimate of the cost.

While requesting quotes you will find that cost is low, when a car gets picked and delivered within major metropolitan zones. When your car gets picked from and delivered to a more isolated region, then the cost will be high.

Shipping dates

During peak seasons like summer, the costs will be high. If cost is your top concern, then plan a move in spring or winter or fall. During these seasons the quotes for car shipping will be significantly low.

Car shipping method

Open carrier’s multi-level trucks are cost-effective. These trucks get used to transfer the dealership or car manufacturer’s vehicles. They are reliable methods, but not suitable for every situation. During transit, your car gets exposed to dust and debris from the road. To ship a luxury or classic car, choose the enclosed shipping method. It is expensive, but your car gets protected from severe climate and flying elements.

Special needs

Many owners prefer car picked up and delivered at their doorstep. Large carriers cannot navigate through the residential streets. Therefore, the shipping companies make arrangements to meet their customers at some nearby destination or a local terminal. If you have to collect the delivery, then the cost is less than the door-to-door service. However, it is less convenient to have your car shipped to a local depot.