Explore the freedom of movement with reliable mobility equipment

Explore the freedom of movement with reliable mobility equipment


Everyone loves the freedom of mobility. But there are people with physical constraints who have to depend on others for moving on road. Wheelchair accessible vehicle has drastically enhanced the safety, comfortability and convenience of movement on road for drivers with disabilities, seniors and those with limited mobility. A wheelchair vehicle is a new hope to the lives of many especially for those who do not want to compromise on their mobility. Most of the reputable wheelchair accessible vehicles providers offer wide range of high quality, reliable and effective steering wheel aid for ensuring smooth and safe drive.

Rely on the best

The reputable wheelchair vehicles providers work with integration to offer one stop solution to all the wheelchair accessible vehicle related needs such as selling, servicing and renting vans.  Gone are days when disabled person has to compromise on limited options but now with the advancement of technology ever new brands, models of full-size van, minivan, pick-up truck, SUV and converted car hit the marketplace. As there is no one-size-fit solution for wheelchair accessible vehicles hence consider few aspects beforehand for smooth driving experience 

  • Determine whether you will buy a modified Vehicle or will get a Vehicle modified
  • Check width of ramp, entrance height, wheelchair position total space
  • Caregiver requirements
  • Entry system constraints
  • Check the inspections, guarantees and/or warranties policy

Choose the right equipment

If you are planning to explore the adventure on road despite of your physical constraints then choose the best steering wheel aids as per your lifestyle, physical needs and budget and stay safe on road. Evaluate the benefits and usability of some of the popular steering aids such as deep-dish steering wheel, foot steering control, horizontal steering column, low effort steering, one hand drive control system, steering column extension, steering spinners, zero effort steering, etc. and then take purchase decision.