Difference Between Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels

Difference Between Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels

RV that we call in short for the Recreational Vehicles, are revolutionary contributions not only for the travel industry, but also for the automobile. It has changed the way people travel, stay, dine and rest. These vehicles combine the advantages of hotels and homes under the same roof that will be on wheels and can take you to places across the borders.

Here at the showroom of the Thor Motor Coach dealer in Iowa, we found latest models of both new and used travel trailers and fifth wheels. But if you are not sure, how different are these models of vehicles from each other, then we must try to clarify them. At any well-stocked showroom where you find these Recreational Vehicles, you will find these categories, despite having the common purpose, are different in many respects.

There are travel trailers as well as fifth wheels categorized differently under the same umbrella of recreational vehicles. So, let us zoom in where they really bifurcate.

How are Travel Trailers Different from the Fifth Wheels

If you take a closer look, there are quite many differences between travel trailers from that of the fifth wheels, that are important to understand to choose the right one that will serve all your purposes well.

The most basic difference between a travel trailer and a fifth wheel is the hitch. While a travel trailer attaches the cabin with the towing vehicle through a ‘ball and coupler’, a fifth wheel makes use of a “jaw hitch” to attach the family space to the bed of a truck. The jaw hitch is something that makes it easier for any individual to attach the fifth wheel and attain more stability. On the other hand, the ball-and-coupler hitch that is used on a travel trailer might need the cooperation of more than one hand to get things done.

Difference in the Living Space

Even in respect of the overall living area and cargo storage, both the RV types differ. The fifth wheels offer more space than the travel trailers for living in along with your stuff. That is what make the travel trailers less expensive in comparison to the fifth wheels since the former is ideal for small families, while the latter can accommodate a larger group. The travel trailers will also have lower roofs with less body weight to be carried at the trail.

On the flip side, a fifth wheel will always need a pickup truck to tow it, which indicates that fewer number of people can sit at the driving unit, while travel trailers, makes more room for front passengers since they can be pulled by an SUV.

Tank Capacities

It makes sense that the fifth wheels will come with bigger tanks for water storage than that of the travel trailers and so you can take longer trips with enough water supply both for your daily usage and for the batteries, which also justifies its higher price quotes, explained a staff of the Thor Motor Coach dealer.