CARS24: Zero Liability With Seller Protection Policy

CARS24: Zero Liability With Seller Protection Policy

Court Order:

What if you get a notice to pay a hefty fine for a traffic violation or you are made liable to pay a compensation of Rs. 10,00,000 to the accident victim

And the worst part is….it’s not even your car anymore!

Well, this is what happens to those sellers who do not ensure that the RC is transferred to the buyer’s name. Yes, the process of getting RC transferred is a tedious task which involves visiting the RTO, paying the RTO agent, ensuring that all the documents are in order and what not. But, when you sell your old car, you should get the RC transferred immediately because in case of any unforeseen situations involving your old car, you’ll be liable for all the charges.

What is CARS24 Seller Protection Policy?

To protect the interests of its customers, CARS24 has introduced the seller protection policy. This policy safeguards its sellers from any unwarranted post-sale situations with a sum of upto Rs. 5,00,000 until the RC transfer is complete. Sellers who physically deliver the car to CARS24 or those who opt for the RC transfer facility are covered under this policy. CARS24 not only does RC transfer for free but it also charges zero premium on this policy.

The CARS24 Advantage

CARS24 is an ecommerce platform for pre-owned automobiles that uses technology to create a seamless buying and selling experience. Let’s check out some of the benefits offered by CARS24:

  • CARS24 provides a technology-enabled catalogue and transparent pricing.
  • It allows you to sell your vehicle in just 1 hour directly from your house or at CARS24.
  • It offers the best prices based on the online auction.
  • It offers a 6 months free warranty.
  • It provides instant payment to your bank account.
  • It provides free RC transfer services.
  • Cars that are put on sale at CARS24 go through a 140-points inspection.
  • CARS24 fully owns and refurbishes cars before putting them up for sale.

Steps to Sell Your Car Through CARS24

  • Enter the details of your car to get an estimated selling price.
  • Book an appointment at your nearest CARS24 branch or at home for vehicle inspection.
  • Get paid instantly with the best price through the CARS24 online auction.

Agar car bechni ho, toh sirf CARS24!