All Facts Pertaining To Non-Owner Car Insurance: A Driver Must Know

All Facts Pertaining To Non-Owner Car Insurance: A Driver Must Know

Buying insurance for a car that is not yours sounds absurd! But wait! There are many situations when you really need it. So, we are here to clear all your doubts regarding non-owner car insurance. Let’s move on:

What Does Non-Owner Car Insurance Meant Exactly?

Non-owner car insurance is for those who don’t have their car and uses someone else car very frequently. Basically, this insurance endows liability coverage when you are using a car, which is not yours. Liability coverage helps you financially when you are injured and have done property damage to others in a car incident. But this insurance policy doesn’t pay for your own injuries when you have borrowed a car from your family member or roommate, and then you have gone through a trust.

You should be aware of one thing that is when you have borrowed a car from your relatives in your home; then this decision might be a bad choice. 

Who Really Needs Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Here we are targeting those users who seriously want cheap car insurance online. It is often bought by those users who have a higher risk and want to keep their driver’s license with themselves.

  • When the driver wants to protect his risk status.
  • When you want to maintain regular auto insurance coverage.
  • When you rent your car frequently.
  • When you borrow another’s car at a regular interval.
  • When you drive a company’s car.

Who Doesn’t Need InsuranceFor Non-Car Owner?

  • When you buy a car and purchased traditional insurance that can meet your financial requirements.
  • When you don’t have any driving license and even you are not taking it within 30 days of non-owners policy.
  • When you have a vehicle whose ownership belongs to one of your family members.

What All It Covers?

Cheap car insurance online helps you to some extent, but you can also access higher limits depending on the state, vehicle size, and considering many things. It mainly covers:

  1. It covers all your liability, which you have owned by doing property damage and causing injuries to others except your passengers.
  2. If you are injured in an accident by a driver and don’t have any liability insurance, then it acts as uninsured protection.
  3. It acts as a personal injury protector when you get injured after a wreck, no matter who is at fault.

Cost of Non Owner Policy

This policy costs less as compared to your car policy. The price depends on your age, driving record, how frequently you drive, and other factors. It can be free car insurance for low income.

How to Buy It?

To buy this policy, you need to call or visit an agent as its quotes are not available online. Major insurance issuers include Geico, state farm, farmers and travelers.