2020 Golf: A Desirable Compact Hatchback from Volkswagen

2020 Golf: A Desirable Compact Hatchback from Volkswagen

With the rise of crossover SUVs in the automotive market, the demand for many other vehicle types suffered a setback. The segment of compact hatchbacks is one of them. But it is because of the leading automakers like the Volkswagen that these cars could make a healthy comeback. The release and hot sales of the 2020 Volkswagen Golf makes a good example of this factand the hatchback lovers once more got back a reason to rejoice.

From the dealerships like Riverside Volkswagen, one more thing came into the front that with a model like 2020 Volkswagen Golf the bigger segment of compact cars got a second life. For this we must thank Volkswagen as it revived the hatchback with all the necessary changes and installed the latest technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Finally, we get to see the 2020 Volkswagen Golf in a dynamic series of trim levels, named as Golf, Golf GTI, and e-Golf. The e-Golf trim being a highly efficient EV added a good amount of value to the lineup of 2020 Volkswagen Golf, as the buyers get an option to go greener. In every respect this is an appreciable move from the automaker.

Power Variations

Each of the 2020 edition of Volkswagen Golf trim models is aptly power equipped. At the basement, theGolf trim makes use of a 1.4-liter turbo-4 engine to resume 147-horsepower when it mates to a 6-speed manual transmission. This powertrain is set as the standard while 8-speed automatic transmission is offered as an upgrading option to shuttle the engine power mostly to the front wheels.

For those who are looking for more grunt under the hood, Volkswagen suggests them to step up to the Golf GTI trim that will come standardly equipped with 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine which is known well for throwing out a vigorous 228-hp. This engine can either be mated to a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

This powertrain is duly supported with an efficient driving mechanism that together brings in a brisk acceleration and a smooth ramp climb. It is a fuel efficient powertrain as well that is able to  return32 mpg of mileage as rated by the EPA.

Desirable Qualities

The 2020 Volkswagen Golf series took not much time to make its name known all around the world, especially among the family car users. The reasons behind its desirability is majorly its family ready space where all the occupants can enjoy a soft and luxurious ride.

What adds more feathers to its crown is its price, in which it offers surprisingly good amount of features. In other words, the 2020 Volkswagen can be best described as a budget car, not only for its affordability but also for its high fuel economy rates.

It can take the modern small size families to various destinations, where the driver won’t have to eliminate places, that needs a quite bit of off roading, suggested the sales staff of the Volkswagen Riverside dealership showroom.

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