2020 BMW 2 Series: Exploring the Lineup

2020 BMW 2 Series: Exploring the Lineup

The brand name BMW doesn’t need an introduction. It is a name that is held with a sense of honor for its consistent ability to produce exemplary models of cars that belong to the category of premium luxury models. BMW is best known for its achievement in building up models with a perfection in workmanship. Cars that come from the factory shade of BMW are known for their heavenly finish, while the way they drive and enable in-car comfort are no less than a dream.

The recently released version of the2020 2-series sedan from BMW offers six trims, namely the 228i xDrive, 230i, M235i xDrive, M240i, M2 Competition, and M2 CS that can be ordered in three body styles, coupe, Gran Coupe and convertibleconfirmed the famous BMW dealership near Santa Maria. From them we also received some insights about this compact car series from BMW.

Betterment for 2020 Model Year

BMW gave its flagship model 2-series models a new exterior attire for the year 2020. What we see new is the new front grille design that come painted either in black or gray, a pair of blacked out taillights, updated wheel designs, new black accentuated exterior mirror caps that are offered as an available upgrading feature option. So that the 2 series models stay ready for all seasons, the automaker standardized the installation of rain-sensing windshield wipers across the entire lineup of 2020.

But this year sees some more areas where enhancements took place. They include a Long Beach Blue color added to the existing palette of exterior paint which is for the M240i model, which will replace the Melbourne Red metallic and Sparkling Brown colors from the earlier set of exterior paint colors.

Number of Engines Offered

The 2020 BMW 2-series of cars includes two optionsto power them. The 230i trim models making 248-hp is powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged engine mated to either an eight-speed manual transmission or an automatic version of it. The otherone is the 3.0-liter inline-six cylinder turbocharged engine with the same set of transmission that can raise a speed of 60 mph in 4.3 seconds.

Performance Score

The Santa Maria BMW drivers prefer to say that the 2020 editions of BMW 2-series model are much more fun to drive. They have acquired a level of composure that makes things easier even on the toughest patches of the road. They highly appreciated the ways they could handle the diverse driving conditions, which is now much improved than earlier. For this they give full credit to the fast responding driving dynamics that include a perfectly tuned and accurately responsive steering,the solid and much capable chassis, a firmly controlled suspension, adjustable shocks,and a reliable brake. All these join hands in not only smothering down the road imperfections but also preventing any outside encumbrances entering its luxury soaked cabin that wants to maintain its serenity all through the journeys. The M240i models are also given new pairs of summer tires to get better grip of the vehicle on the slippery roads.

All this has enhanced the 2020 BMW 2 series models making them a much desirable car series for all who are fond of premium luxury cars.

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